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Abercorn’s Secret Garden

By 29 Mar 2021No Comments

Did you know there’s a secret garden on Abercorn…A place where anyone in the community can go and work in the vegetable patch. Where kids can pick a flower from the flower garden without repercussions or play on the jungle gym and swings. Beautiful shady spots to set up your picnic blanket and have a picnic on a Sunday afternoon. A little tea garden on a Saturday morning.


Well, not yet but there could be.

Paulette Malcolm one of the CRA committee members is spearheading the project, in conjunction with AJ’s in the Park, to turn the wild overgrown servitude on Abercorn Ave (at the entrance to AJ’s – 33 Abercorn Ave) into a picturesque secret garden open to all – whether to come do some vegetable gardening or just spend time in a peaceful environment.

The image above is not going to be created overnight or by a few individuals but rather a long-term possibility. It will need the support and participation of our community to be achieved.

Every journey starts with a single step and for now the first step is to clear the space and plant a small vegetable garden during this year’s winter growing season – end of March.

What’s Needed

Currently there are 3 things needed.

  • Help clearing as the space MUST be cleared manually.
  • Removal of the garden refuse.
  • Knowledge of trees and their maintenance

How you can help

On Wednesday the 10th and Thursday the 11th of March Mo, Paulette’s assistant, will be there to start the work.

  • Anyone and everyone willing to come and assist will make a huge difference.
  • There is going to be an enormous amount to be taken to the dump. If you have a trailer or bakkie and would be prepared to take a few loads to the Bryanston dump, please come down. Alternatively, if you have a contact or are prepared to organise for a few loads to be removed please WhatsApp Robyn on 064 743 7375 or email
  • Anyone with knowledge on trees, their positioning and maintenance please contact Paulette on 082 452 9322 or see below.

Saturday the 13th of March – Community interest and involvement

Paulette and other members from the CRA Committee will be on site to assist and chat to anyone who is interested in the project.


  • If you’ve ever dreamt about being an explorer forging a new path into the unknown come along and try your hand.
  • If you have any ideas, or would just like to have a look, come down and let’s have a chat, we would love to hear from you.
  • Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

With community involvement we truly could turn this forgotten piece of land into a magical community space… a not-so-secret garden.