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The website features areas where posts keep you up to date on the CRA and what’s been going on in our area as well as more permanent content


The CRA has an official Facebook page. If you would like to keep you up to date on the CRA and what’s been going on in our area click here


WhatsApp groups are an incredibly useful and powerful community tool when it comes to sharing information and security issues. Individual street groups often evolve organically and the CRA refers to the administrator and often creator of the group as a Street Rep. Being a Street Rep is voluntary and often a time consuming and thankless job. The CRA in no way controls how each Street Rep chooses to run their street group, nor what they post on the group. The CRA has 2 WhatsApp groups which we created: the Street Reps Group and Security Group to help create community awareness and togetherness.

We encourage Street Reps to be a part of our Street Reps and Security Groups where they can share information with other Street Reps, the CRA, Ward Councillors and other contacts. At times we request that Street Reps share certain communications with their streets on behalf of the CRA. The CRA is not allowed to give out personal information, however, if you would like to become part of your street group please email your name, street address and contact number to and we will pass on your request to your Street Rep.

If you are interested in becoming a Street Rep please contact as more than one Street Rep is useful to act as back-up when one is away etc. It’s best that a Street Rep resides on the street they represent as they have their eyes and ears on the ground. There are currently a few Street Reps that have taken on streets they do not reside on as these streets are currently without a Street Rep, so please get in touch.

Although each street group is run independently, we do suggest that each Street Rep outlines their street group’s mandate and conditions of use to their street to minimise issues that may arise. Below is a general mandate and conditions of use for street groups for any Street Reps that would like to make use of them as well as the additions for our specific groups.

CRA WhatsApp broadcasts

If you would like to receive communications directly from the CRA please click here from your phone (or computer if you have WhatsApp Desktop) or WhatsApp 064 743 7375 to be added to the CRA WhatsApp broadcast distribution list.



  • Get to know your neighbours and to look out for one another
  • Uplift the area and support each other
  • Share information with, for and about the community
  • Share information pertaining to the safety of the community, i.e. suspicious or unusual behaviours or vehicles within the area
  • To provide relative real time alerts and contact with the CRA, our Ward Councillors and other contacts
  • Create community awareness and togetherness

Conditions of use

  • Content shared on these groups is for residents of Craighall Park, Craighall and Dunkeld West
  • Crime related information is sensitive as it can impact on the apprehension of the criminal/s and their prosecution therefore it is advised that we apply cautiously, and such content may NOT be shared with any third party unless otherwise specified.
  • No personal or contact information of anyone on the group may be used, shared or given out without their express permission.
  • Please message admins privately if you are asked to do so for feedback, or if you have any concerns or suggestions.
  • Our aim is to uplift our area and support each other. Only constructive criticism is allowed. A respectful question to clarify a situation or a friendly, constructive suggestion go a long way. A debate on differing viewpoints should be taken up offline.
  • NO religious comment, hate speech, racism, politics or vulgar language is allowed on these groups, but rather ward info, crime reports, lost and found and other important info that affects the residents and to promote and share other activities and events in our area that have a positive impact on the community.
  • No advertising will be permitted on these groups unless otherwise approved by Admins.
  • Admins reserve the right to remove members who refuse to adhere to Admins’ instructions
  • These WhatsApp groups DO NOT replace SAPS or your armed response company as it is NOT an emergency channel. We would like to advise that SAPS or your armed response company be your FIRST point of call should a serious incident occur.

Conditions of use

Used in conjunction with the General conditions of use and mandate

  • We reserve the right to promote and share other activities and events in our area as a strong community is the best deterrent for crime.
  • We reserve the right to request that certain communications from the CRA be shared by Street Reps with their individual street groups.

Conditions of use

Used in conjunction with the General conditions of use and mandate

  • This group is NOT a chat group. It is in place to report suspicious behaviour / concerns/ crime related information and other security information relevant to our area.
  • Over many years we have built and strengthened our relationships to SAPS and other security service providers, some members of these are on our group. If you would like to take up matters with any of them, please do so through or directly with the relevant party.

Official CRA Communication Distributions


Has CRA news, features and local events.

Is distributed every second month via email to CRA Members and residents.


Has featured businesses, a list of CRA Business Members and specials being offered in and around our area.

Is distributed in alternate months to the CRA Newsletter via email to CRA Members and residents. 

  • If you have a business in the CraigparkTM area and would like to become a Business Member sign-up.
  • If you are not a CRA Business Member but are interested in advertising your special offers in our Business News please email
  • For all other queries concerning our Business News please contact

Has information on a specific topic.

Will be distributed as needed in between newsletters via email and a PDF version put on the Street Reps WhatsApp group for them to forward to their street groups.


Is a short notice or update.

Will be shared via social media.