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Cairns Homeless Project

By 30 Apr 2021May 3rd, 2021No Comments

The project started in April 2021 after Sarah and Lee Cairns, Craighall Park residents and CRA members, approached the CRA to assist in their self-funded homeless feeding scheme. As stated by Sarah: “COVID has wreaked financial havoc and as a result we are seeing more and more destitute individuals living in our suburb, trying to survive”. This spurred the Cairns to start a feeding scheme from their home for these affected individuals. They are currently feeding about 20 homeless men once a week. They wanted to do more for these individuals and provide them with a long-term solution, so they reached out to the CRA for financial assistance to employ some of these men to help clean and improve our neighbourhood. Sarah has started working with two of them, Sizwe and Pule once a week. Currently they are weeding the islands along Jan Smuts.

We are all residents of Craigpark whether we are living along the rivers or in beautiful homes and ultimately, we want the community to work together to make our suburb a great place to live in. By using this exchange of value, we as the CRA are hoping to increase awareness of the association, create synergies among the residents and grow our membership base. We are currently only employing two gentlemen but would love to grow the project when finances allow.



The CRA would like to encourage the residents of Craighall, Craighall Park and Dunkeld West to join as members so these projects can be financed. To create change we would be so grateful if there were willing residents who could offer a little time to these initiatives – to contact us please email We have so many community spirited residents who are working in pockets and we are here as an association to join hands, help with communication and get the synergies flowing – doing better together.

For residents who would like to make a difference by becoming a member, at an annual cost of R800 for a household, R400 for a complex unit and R400 for pensioners, please sign up on our website here.

Weeds from a single island!

The Project was also featured in the Rosebank Killarney Gazette