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2020 AGM

Community Interest 2020 AGM

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22nd October 2020 – CRA 2020 AGM Pack


As a small volunteer committee with limited resources we are not able to address everything in our community that we would like to. We therefore need to prioritise what projects we should investigate first, based on community interest. To gauge what is most relevant to the community we have put together areas of interest from the suggestions sent in.

Community projects

  • Local vegetable garden
  • Community library and study area
  • Off the grid solutions

Infrastructure improvements

  • Car park on Marlborough for Delta Park users
  • Pavement upgrades
  • Storm water drainage

Park improvements

  • Planting trees
  • Park gym equipment


  • Restoration of the hot house heritage building at REEA
  • Join the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation

Homelessness in Delta Park


Thank you to all those residents who sent in their suggestions!

We will get back to you after the AGM once we have a better idea of where community interest lies.


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