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Community Library

By 29 Mar 2021No Comments

Liz Delmont, from Liz at Lancaster’s Guest House, first started thinking about this several years ago when she started the red book box. Liz set up a box of books on the pavement at 79 Lancaster Ave for anyone to borrow or swap. The books have at times unfortunately been taken but it was a wonderful community orientated initiative. Liz, Paulette and others wanted to expand on the idea with a small informal community library.

We are starting out by setting up a bookshelf at AJ’s. People can come read, borrow or swap the books. The system is trust based as library cards etc are not practical and go against the spirit of the initiative.

There are many possibilities long term that could be included such as reading hours where volunteers could come read aloud to kids or as part of the over 60s club, having a study time (not an aftercare) where retired teachers / anyone willing could assist the children present if needed. Whether the bookshelf expands to something more will depend on the community interest.

How you can help

  • We need the bookshelf so if anyone has one they are willing to donate, it’ll be put to good use.
  • Paulette has already collected a number of books, but any others would be welcome – especially children’s books.
  • For now, please WhatsApp Paulette on 082 452 9322 if you can assist