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The next three weeks are going to be a difficult time for us all, especially when it comes to keeping to the regulations about only leaving our homes for essential purposes.

Please try not to go to the shops unless you absolutely have to – for essential purposes only.

Shopping is NOT an excuse to get some family exercise with a stroll through the neighbourhood. While walking to the shops is not unlawful, please remember that taking your family members with you not only creates unnecessary potential exposure all round but causes unnecessary delays and queuing for everyone.

Remember that shops in our area are very strictly maintaining the regulation that no more than 50 people may be allowed into the store at any one time (including their own staff). By taking children and other family members we cause queues outside the shops, a potential source of becoming infected.

We are aware that some parents are not in a position to leave their children at home while out shopping. We suggest that you use online shopping facilities such as PnP online and Checkers60 if possible. And remember that Impala Fruit and Flowers (011 788 5613) in Lancaster are doing home deliveries.

We urge residents to understand the seriousness of the situation that we are all in.

The regulations and limitations that we are being urged to adhere to will undoubtedly save lives. They may well save your life, or the lives of your family members.



Children and exercise

We are posting links for online games and exercises, to help your children burn up some of their energy while having to stay at home.

Here are the first for exercise:

  • TL Fusion Gymnastics is posting videos for gymnastics exercises for kids on YouTube, the first is Flexibility
  • Carla Farina, who runs the Game Set Match Tennis Academy at the Craighall Tennis Club, will be putting up kids’ exercise and ball skills videos regularly at, the first will be up later today.
(Please note that neither the CRA nor the providers of these videos can be held responsible for any injuries incurred while doing
the exercises.)


CRA Assistance

The CRA is fortunate to have access to incredible expertise during this time, provided by the heads of our Community Needs Portfolio.

Prof Bruce Sparks is a professor of family medicine at Wits University and Paulette Malcolm has been involved with various community organisations for over 20 years and has all the relevant contacts.

They are both prepared to give advice to residents over the phone.

Remember that your first port of call is a GP, but if you have any general concerns about your health and available health facilities (this does not include clinical advice), require practical assistance or just someone to listen, contact or WhatsApp 064 743 7375, and the Community Needs portfolio will be in touch as soon as they are able.

(GP’s and pharmacies in the area are currently open but it is recommended that residents phone to check on their availability
– details are available by following the link below to the post with lockdown resources.)


Information and Resources

There has been a flood of important rules and regulations being sent out regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent 21-day national lockdown.

The CRA has collected these and put them in the posts below for easy reference – we know that many of these have been forwarded to you via the street WhatsApp groups, but we’re aware that the volume of communication can become overwhelming.

We will continue to put up new information as it comes in, with a short delay before posting it, as, apart from official Government pdfs, we try to check sources, phone numbers etc to ensure they’re correct before we put them up.

Here are the links to posts currently available on our website

If you would like to receive WhatsApp updates, please click here from your phone (or computer if you have WhatsApp Desktop) to be added to the CRA Business WhatsApp distribution list.


THANK YOU clapping

19:00 nightly during lockdown

The CRA asks residents to say “Thank you” to all the medical workers and emergency service staff, the military, the police, the carers and all those workers in essential services who are working so hard to keep us safe.

We ask you to go out onto your balconies and into your gardens at 19:00 to clap, beat a drum and blow your vuvuzelas for a minute, to show your appreciation.


If you require assistance during this time, please contact

and someone from the Community Needs portfolio will be in touch.

We hope you all stay safe and healthy.