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Covid Relief Programme

By 24 Jul 2021Jul 28th, 2021No Comments

Covid continues to test our resolve, threaten lives and livelihoods, and we believe it is essential to continue to confront and deal with the challenges and effects of this pandemic head on to beat it. So, earlier this month we launched a Covid Relief Programme. The programme addresses needs identified in our community with a budget allocation of R60,000, and includes a focus on vaccination, providing food security for the most vulnerable in our community, and helping local restaurants.

Message from Markus Borner, CRA chair

We are extremely proud of our community and the way a lot of people have turned up. The more you do, however, often opens your eyes as to how much needs to be done. We have launched a donation drive where 100% of all donations during July and August will be allocated to the programme.

Donations can be made by EFT to the CRA (Non-profit Organisation 049-767-NPO)

Craigpark Residents’ Association NPO
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 006605
Current Account
Acc no.: 200874977
Ref: Covid Relief


We are a proud sponsor and partner of the BreadCrumbs’ Vaccine Bus initiative run by local resident Leigh Crymble. Under this initiative Leigh and the BreadCrumbs’ team coordinate transport to public vaccination sites, using out of work school transport drivers, to allow qualifying people to get vaccinated.

You can find more information here.

Food Security

There are a number of initiatives already set up in our area to assist the most vulnerable in the community and as Covid continues to increase the number of people in need, they require support.

Bags of Hope Soup Programme

The 1st Craighall Park Scout Group, supported by the CRA, has embarked on a food project to assist the needy in our community and elsewhere.  The Scout group members are packing Soup Packs – a bag of hope” – which each produce just over 2.5 litres / 10 cups of nutritious soup, with protein, grains & vegetables. So far, 200 packets were completed last week and this weekend the scouts will pack a further 600.

While we will fund the initial packages, we earnestly request members of our community to support the project with monetary donations to enable the Scouts to buy in bulk.  So far, each pack will cost about R25 to produce.

Cairns Feeding Scheme
Thank you to everyone who donated for Mandela Day! The feeding scheme is still running so any assistance would always be appreciated.

Since the beginning of lockdown Sarah and Lee Cairns have packed and handed out 20 food parcels a week. Each parcel contains a 420g can of pilchards, a 420g can of baked beans and 2 cups of maize meal. They see the number of those in need steadily increasing first hand, people are now waiting by 7:30am and everything is gone before 9am, so for Mandela Day we asked people to donate goods to assist.

They were thrilled with the support they received – thank you to everyone who donated!

The Cairns family not only personally finance the food parcels but also manage the Cairns Homeless Project which the CRA supports financially, so donations of goods and community support would be welcomed.

They show just how amazing our community can be in its willingness to assist where needed – and they are not alone!

They need

  • 420g cans of pilchards
  • 420g cans of  baked beans
  • Maize meal

Goods can be dropped off at 18 Cambridge Ave or contact Sarah on 084 606 4565

Local Restaurants

Restaurants and the hospitality industry have been hit hard in the economic fallout of Covid putting the livelihoods of many at risk. Businesses form a vital part of our community and we are lucky to have a number of wonderful restaurants in our area, many of which are CRA business members. Helping them get through this lockdown period, through active promotion of and collaboration with restaurants, is part of our Covid Relief Relief Programme. To see more info on our restaurants and how you can support them please follow us on Facebook.

We have had a great positive increase in membership this year, more than doubling our membership, and we would like to thank all new and returning members for their support.

Membership allows us to do these things, so, if you are a Craigpark resident, complex or business, and haven’t already done so, please do consider joining us as a paid-up member which can be done on our membership page.


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