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CRA 2021 AGM Details

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14th October 2021

17:30 – 19:00/19:30

Via Zoom

The AGM is open to all those who reside, own property, or run a business in the area.

To attend the zoom meeting, you will be required to register beforehand.

To register CLICK HERE

Here’s a link to add the meeting to your calendar – diarize (it is safe)

  1. Welcome & apologies
  2. What the CRA is, what it isn’t
  3. Financial Reports
  4. Portfolio Report Backs
  5. Voting – committee elections & update to the constitution
  6. Close

We will be voting on a motion to approve a new CRA Constitution – you can view a copy here – as well as elections to the committee, if we have nominations for the committee that would bring the number of members to more than 15.

Voting will take place during the AGM using the Zoom polling feature and we ask that only those residents who are paid-up CRA members by the 14th October 2021 vote. Provisional results will be released on the evening, to be confirmed subsequently.

Please note

CRA membership is linked to an individual and not a household. If more than one individual in a household wishes to vote, each individual must be a paid-up member and will need to register in order to participate in the AGM.

Membership is an annual payment and runs for a year from the date of payment. Participation in the CRA/CAP PSS scheme does not equate to CRA membership and the CRA annual membership fee is separate from these monthly debit orders. 


The CRA Committee both needs and will greatly benefit from new members. New blood will bring fresh ideas and passion to the work we do for you, our community. There are a number of portfolios that cover various interests – business, communications, community needs, environment, financial strategy, infrastructure, security and town planning, all of which need extra members. If we have nominations for the committee that would bring the number of members to 15 or less, no vote is needed, and nominees automatically become members.

To stand for nomination to the CRA Committee the nominee is required to:

  • be a paid-up member of the CRA
  • be nominated in writing by a paid-up member of the CRA
  • be seconded in writing by a paid-up member of the CRA
  • submit written consent accepting the nomination

The necessary documents (links below) need to be emailed to by the 7th October 2021:

We encourage as many residents as possible to participate in the AGM and, if paid-up members, stand for nomination to the CRA Committee.
As a residents’ association, what we can achieve for you, our residents, is dependent on the involvement of the wider CRA community.