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CRA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

By 30 Sep 2020No Comments

The CRA represents YOU!

We need you to participate in the AGM so that we can serve you better.


The CRA has decided that a face-to-face AGM would expose the residents to unnecessary Covid 19 risks. After considering various options, the 2020 AGM will be held as a “paper” AGM, via email. The process will be similar to the format that SafeParks, the PRA and Parkview CPF have opted for. This is a method that is simple to implement and familiar to many, Ensuring that all participants have an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered.

Participation in AGM

 The AGM is open to all residents and in its current form it becomes even easier for many more to participate. To participate in the CRA AGM, by receiving the AGM pack and having an opportunity to ask questions, please send an email request to by the 10th October 2020 with your name, address and contact details.

 Please note CRA membership is linked to an individual and not a household. If more than one individual in a household wishes to vote, each individual must be a paid-up member and have registered to participate in the AGM.

AGM Outline

Thurs 01/10

    • Circulation of AGM Notice and agenda to all residents

Sat 10/10

    • Cut off date for AGM participation and project requests

Thurs 15/10

    • Annual Membership to be paid; only those who are current members by the 15th October 2020 will be eligible to vote at the 2020 AGM.
    • Cut off date for receipt of Executive Committee nominations (More detail below)

Thurs 22/10

    • AGM document pack will be emailed to registered participants
    • Opening of questions for registered participants
    • Opening of voting for registered paid up members

Mon 26/10

    • Cut off for sending in questions

Thurs 29/10

    • Voting closes

Fri 30/10

    • All questions will be responded to

Sat 31/10

    • Results of voting and overview of Q&A’s will be emailed to registered participants
Community Input

The CRA is investigating projects that we could be involved in and would like to put forward a few possible options for members to vote on during the AGM.

Suggestions could be for:

    • projects managed by the CRA
        • teas for the elderly
        • engaging with the Municipality to build a car park off Marlborough Drive for Delta Park users
    • in aid of another organisation
        • the e’Pap Foundation NPC initiative
    • in collaboration with a local group or organisation
        • suggestion to assist REEA in restoring a heritage building by constructing a roof on the old REEA hot house

Please email your suggestions to by the 10th October 2020. All suggestions will be evaluated by the CRA Executive Committee and those that are viable included for voting during the AGM.

The Executive Committee (Exco)

The CRA Exco not only needs, but would greatly benefit from new Exco members, who would bring fresh ideas and passion to the advantage of our community.

There are a number of portfolios that cover various interests – business, communications, community needs, environment, financial strategy, infrastructure, security and town planning. If we have nominations for Exco that would bring the Exco numbers to 15 or less, no vote is needed, and nominees automatically become members of the exco.

The CRA as an organisation currently has 3 paid employees (2 maintenance workers and a part time administrator) and 8 out of a possible 15 Exco members, all of whom have professional and personal commitments. There are a number of individuals who have contributed greatly to our community in various ways e.g. participating in resident action groups, becoming involved in town planning issues, undertaking projects as individuals for the betterment of our community. Understandably, in today’s age people have limited time and energy and therefore the more people involved the easier it is to make their involvement manageable.

To stand for nomination to the Executive Committee, the nominee must be nominated and seconded in writing, as well as submit a written consent form accepting the nomination. All three individuals must be paid up members of the CRA. The nomination form, seconding form and written consent of the nominee are to be emailed to no later than 17:00 on the 15th October 2020.

As a residents’ association what we can achieve for our residents, is dependent on the involvement of the whole community.


CRA membership is an annual subscription. Membership runs for one year from the time of joining or renewing membership i.e. if you pay in September 2020 your subs will be due again in September 2021. For more information on membership click here.

The CRA Constitution stipulates that only paid up members may vote and/or nominate, second and stand for membership of the Executive Committee. For the purposes of the 2020 AGM membership subscriptions must be paid by the 15th October 2020, by which date nominations for membership of the Executive Committee must be submitted.

The CRA supports the Public Spaces Security Scheme run by CAP, but please note that monthly payments to CAP for the PSS are not associated with annual subscriptions paid for membership of the CRA.

If you would like to check your membership status, please email