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CRA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

By 3 Sep 2020No Comments

The CRA Executive Committee is aware that the AGM is overdue, but as a result of Covid-19 and Lockdown we have been unable to hold it. We were hoping that regulations would change and that we would be able to hold a physical AGM. While we are still hopeful, we are currently investigating alternatives so that the AGM is not delayed indefinitely.

Notification will be sent out as soon as details are finalised.

The AGM is open to all residents. However, only CRA members will be able to vote and/or stand for election to the Executive Committee. A member must own or reside in the area and have paid the annual subscription. Individual membership is linked to the individual and therefore more than one person in a household can become a member. Further details on who qualifies as a member are available here.

Membership is an annual payment and now runs for a year from the date of payment. Please note that participation in the CRA/CAP PSS scheme does not equate to CRA membership and the CRA annual subscription is separate from these monthly debit orders.

If you would like to become a member you can register and pay on our website. For assistance registering please contact or have a look at  “How to pay your CRA membership fee and create a login” in our CRA Online Registration & Payment  post.


Yours truly,

The CRA Executive Committee