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Business News – Mar 2021

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Local businesses form a vital part of our amazing community and in the wake of Covid-19, lockdown and the uncertainty they have caused, we would like to encourage residents to support our local businesses whenever possible.

The success of businesses in an area has a major impact on the overall vibe. We all know the feeling one gets when walking through a centre where many of the shops are empty and closed…

We are lucky enough to have great local businesses, from big companies to small home businesses, and many have had a tough financial year. If we all support our business community we can achieve great things together so please,



A write up about a business that goes the extra mile in support of our community or the CRA.

Straight From The Ground

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system which connects producers and consumers within the food system more closely, establishing relationships of trust, transparency and commitment to the benefit of all involved. Situated in the REEA gardens on Marlborough Ave is the non-profit company Straight from the Ground. They are actively working to bring the principles of CSA into our area by being the bridge between local small-scale farmers, entrepreneurs with small food businesses and us – the Craigpark residents. Having been in operation at REEA since January 2020 they started The Vegetable Box System in May last year to help provide their network of small-scale farmers with a more stable way to sustain their livelihoods during an extremely difficult time.

Straight from the Ground is also actively involved in local community initiatives aimed at feeding those in need. They donate fresh produce to local feeding schemes like the Hamilton Food Drive and One Small Act of Kindness and have, with the support of local residents, donated close to 250 boxes since May last year. An amazing achievement – well done to all involved. The importance of making meals as nutritious as possible has become even more significant with Covid-19 so if you would like to donate a box of fresh healthy produce here’s the link.

There are 7 people in the SFTG team with various skills, qualifications and backgrounds – you can find out more about them here. Being passionate about what they are trying to achieve many of the team have not taken a salary since opening in January last year, a situation which cannot continue.

What’s on offer


  • Weekly boxes with a variety of fresh organically grown vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and eggs
  • You can also order extras from the small businesses that Straight from the Ground support at the same time – from local honey, preserves and dried goods to kombucha and various breads baked to order.
  • There are a variety of box sizes – the 4-person box is R350 and the 2-person box is R200
  • Boxes can be ordered as a subscription, thereby giving Straight from the Ground and the farmers the assurance of ongoing support, or alternatively on an ad hoc basis
  • All orders need to be placed by midday on Wednesday
  • Collection Friday at REEA (20 Marlborough Ave) between 12:00 and 15:00 – delivery also available.
  • For more information or to order/donate a box click here or email
  • Straight from the Ground Shop is open Wednesdays from 9-12 offering a range of fresh vegetables, eggs, honey and preserves.
  • Address: REEA, 20 Marlborough Ave, Craighall Park

Straight from the Ground may be a company but it truly is a community organisation, one that is aiming to improve the lives of many. In an environment where monetary donations are decreasing and government funding is limited, non-profits must find ways to become financially sustainable without these and the vegetable box scheme is one way they are doing this.

It would be a shame to see an organisation, that has been set up by a group of people so committed to community and our environment, not thrive due to lack of support. Support that results in delicious, fresh goods on your doorstep! So please order your box today or head down to the shop on Wednesday to see what’s on offer.

For more information go to or have a look at the SFTG newsletter


Businesses that support the CRA, and ultimately the community, and is part of how we can thank those CRA Business Members who wish to be included.


Information on a local business to highlight what is available within our community.

Hands On Retreat

Hands On Retreat opened just before the World Cup in 2010 and we look back at the last 11 years with gratitude. It is therefore with great sadness we must announce that we are closing the Guest House.

As the owners, we have mixed emotions but, with Covid, the ongoing load shedding and the situation with the burst water pipe saga outside our property, we have decided a change is essential.

So, it is with the GREATEST EXCITEMENT that we have reinvented Hands On Retreat into a Health and Wellness Centre.

In our beautiful and tranquil garden setting we have:

  • 6 practice rooms for Health Professionals each with own little kitchenette & private toilet
  • 5 small garden units ideal for beauty / massage therapists
  • 2 larger garden units ideal for a Hairdresser / Occupational Therapist / Exercises
  • A dedicated space for rehabilitation exercises / yoga / Pilates
  • A huge deck for Pilates / yoga / training overlooking our bubbling brook (deck also available for daily / weekend rental – call KARIN on 011 326 0066)

Any HEALTH PRACTITIONERS or HEALING THERAPISTS looking to move to an environment which can complement much needed healing therapy in the current stressful conditions, please call DES (our agent) on 082 614 5727 to book an appointment and come have a look.

For more information contact or 011 326 0066

Dunkeld Medical and Dental Centre

Situated in the leafy suburb of Dunkeld West, the Dunkeld Medical and Dental Centre is located at 257 Jan Smuts Avenue with the entrance conveniently positioned on Smits Road. Our relaxed environment and complimentary set of health professionals provide the perfect blend of medical care and advice to the entire family. Not only does this make it easy for you to access highly experienced doctors and allied health professionals but it also saves you time, money and effort and makes the integration and coordination of your healthcare a reality.

The centre has a variety of health professionals including

  • Dr Saffia Jacobs – a female General Practitioner with a special interest in women & child health, as well as aesthetic medicine.
  • Dr Mahomed – who obtained her Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of the Witwatersrand and continued expanding her knowledge by completing a diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry from UWC.
  • Physiotherapists, speech and hearing therapist, audiologist, dietician and psychologists

There are also companies that can aid in the improvement and wellbeing of people in a business environment such as

  • Precinct Health, a division of the Precinct Group – a doctor-led health and wellness company which recognises employers’ needs and aims to assist businesses and individuals to make health and wellness a top priority with solutions designed to for example increase productivity, enhance employee morale, reduce health care costs.
  • Dale Carnegie Training – Professional in-person and online training. Dale Carnegie has been improving individual and business performance around the world for over a century.

Contact us on 010 592 0000 or


Some specials being offered by local businesses.

Whether you reside, own property or run a business in our area, YOU are an important part of our community.

Working together we can build a safe, successful and supportive community.

Ultimately you, the members of our community, are the CRA.

If you have any questions or run a business and would like to be included in our Business News please email us at or WhatsApp 0647437375.

To help support and build our local community by becoming a CRA Member please click here.

If you would like more information on membership go to

For more information or to join the CRA / CAP Public Spaces Security (PSS) Initiative &/ to become an Armed Response client please email

Please note that the CRA/CAP PSS initiative is voluntary and does not equate to CRA membership. CRA subs are annual whereas PSS is a monthly debit order.