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CRA Chair September Update

By 21 Sep 2021Sep 23rd, 2021No Comments

Dear Fellow Residents,

In February of this year, I wrote an introductory letter introducing myself and the new CRA and our objectives. This is the message we have on the home page. In the letter I also asked for your help and to become a paid-up member of the CRA, and I promised to report back to you every three months, this is the second update following the previous one in May 2021. Apologies on being a bit late, it’s been busy, but “good busy” on a number of fronts. This includes the launch of a free subscription for paid up members with Fire Ops SA, a private firefighting company– more on that below.

As of 10 September 182, new members have signed up, joining the existing 123 existing members, giving us a total membership of 305; THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! Since May we have had 86 new members sign up, and all members coming up for renewal have renewed. For the year to date we have had only 13 lapsed memberships, and none since May. That’s great news…

Our membership is spread across our suburbs, as shown in the following membership map. We have colour coded it, Craighall in blueCraighall Park in Green, and Dunkeld in yellow. There are also different legends for households and businesses, and you can then see how our active membership is spread across the suburbs, and the split between business and household membership. An overview showing new vs existing memberships is shown alongside.


Our financial situation remains steady as a result of the over R200,000 we have received in membership fees, not only exceeding last year’s total of R108 000, but also higher than 2019 which was R190 000. We have also received over R10,000 in Donations. We have a way to go, so the membership drive continues. We’ve been out and about at Hugh Wyndham Park and return to the Delta together with the Joburg Rotary society on 26 September. Please follow us on Facebook or refer to the website for details.

Monthly membership prizes continue, with Lis’ Swim School and cnr. café, both business members, sponsoring a membership prize in September for new and returning members. 

Fire Ops SA – your own firefighting service

All paid up members of the CRA now also qualify for a free subscription to a private firefighting service, so if you haven’t filled out your forms to opt in, please do so. Apologies on the admin, but in today’s world we have to ask you to opt in – legal stuff, sorry…

As a homeowner, business or resident you have access to an App and phone number to call out Fire Ops SA, to come and attend to any house fire, or fire threatening your home or business. Fire Ops SA have 5 stations throughout Joburg, and most importantly are now in Rosebank too; they respond within 60 seconds and get to your premises typically within 12-15 minutes. The normal cost of this service is R420 p.a. for a household and slightly higher for a business, members get it for free. Have a look at their website, we will also put additional information on the CRA website as soon as possible.


We will give you a more extensive update at the AGM this year, on 14 October. It will be an online event, most probably on Zoom. All voting will also be online. Hopefully as we reach some sort of stability in SA, as the country reaches meaningful vaccination numbers, we can return to real meetings from next year. Personally, I’m feeling quite Zoomed and Teamed out! Not only don’t you get to meet people, but you often end up having a lot more meetings than you would otherwise.

We have also been getting quite a bit of coverage in the media, as a suburb, a residents’ association and from the Covid initiative that we launched in July, but what really made me smile was the following statement in an article by one of the prominent estate agents in the area “Craighall Park is a community with an active residents’ association that works tirelessly to ensure its residents enjoy the beauty of their homes within a secure environment”. They forgot to mention all the work that the residents do, so please keep it up, too many to mention, and thank you for those volunteers who keep coming forward.

A final note on security, probably quite relevant after July’s countrywide insurrection. In the latest weekly report, covering 6-12 September, from CAP our Public Space Security Provider and preferred Armed Response (CAP at Home) provider, it was noted that there were zero incidents of crime in our area. Here’s a link to that newsletter *|This week’s community newsletter|* ( If you are not already a subscriber, and would like to find out more, please contact CAP at Don’t forget for all emergencies to save the CAP emergency number 0861 227 227 or WhatsApp on 066 306 8349.

As always, please feel free to drop me or any of the committee an email or call should you have any questions, comments or suggestions. And please do sign up if you haven’t already. Click here and follow the links, it’s quite easy and “user Friendly”.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.