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2020 AGM

CRA Executive Committee (Exco) Nominations

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22nd October 2020 – CRA AGM 2020 Pack

We received 5 nominations for membership for the Executive Committee

  • Anthony Poorter
    • Nominated by L. Devonport
    • Seconded by G. Mandy
  • Ashleigh Parry
    • Nominated by K. Lester
    • Seconded by M. Borner
  • Chris Lund
    • Nominated by M. Williams
    • Seconded by F. Swart
  • Fran Swart
    • Nominated by M. Williams
    • Seconded by M. Borner
  • Markus Borner
    • Nominated by C. Askew
    • Seconded by M. Williams

And 2 nominations for re-election from current Exco members

  • Lance Drake
    • Nominated by J. Kempe
    • Seconded by E. Kempe
  • Paulette Malcolm
    • Nominated by K. Brown
    • Seconded by B. Sparks

As the number of nominations did not exceed the number of vacancies on the committee there is no need for a vote.

We would like to thank all the nominees for their interest and support in our community and their willingness to give of their time and energy. We look forward to a great year ahead as a new committee!

Please see below a brief bio for each of our new committee members:

 Anthony Poorter

Anthony Poorter has over 30 years of finance and consulting experience in a variety of industries, including financial services, engineering, African Agriculture, and real estate. He has performed extensive financial & business analysis and has concluded numerous business transactions.

He was Managing Director of EmVest Asset Management where he focused on the development and deployment of an Agricultural Investment portfolio in sub-Saharan Africa for the Luxembourg based African Land Fund. His responsibilities included the oversight of due diligence reviews, new acquisitions, the execution and project management of projects, projections and reporting financials in connection with proposed and existing investments.

Before joining EmVest in Africa in 2008, he was Head of Projects for the UK firm Emergent Asset Management, where he was instrumental in the structuring and fund raising for the African Land Fund.

Earlier in his career, he was COO for Pavilion Asset Management in London, providing systems, financial reporting and general management.

Anthony has an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town and a BSc. in Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Ashleigh Parry 

With more years of experience than I’d like to count in varied positions, industries and countries, my work history includes the likes of McCann Erikson (MCT Europe), Accenture (UK), Telesure and Vumacam. Throughout my career, I’ve sought experiences that truly challenge me and offer the means to leave behind a tangible legacy. I’m a committed and passionate individual who takes a vested interest in the projects I take on. I like to think I’m considered a skilled strategist by my peers, bringing perspective, direction, and creative energy to each of my roles. I thrive in environments where I can apply my tenacious approach in creating processes and structures. I believe that these foundations are important cornerstones for supporting sustainable growth and innovation. I am determined to consistently extract the best from those around me. I am able to apply key leadership skills while at the same time assimilating into the group to work cohesively towards the desired outcomes and objectives. My desire to push myself to the limit is not contained to the boardroom – I’m a qualified game ranger, a lover of great food and wine and have successfully ascended Kilimanjaro.

Chris Lund

For the past 25 years I have been passionate about the City of Johannesburg, developing housing solutions for its poorer residents and slaying the Giant of Homelessness. This passion is fueled by my desire for Social Justice. Using the skills I have developed as an administrator, accountant, HR and compliance expert, I have pioneered different housing solutions, namely Transitional Housing, Communal and Social Housing with some good results. However, if we want true prosperity, I have come to the conclusion that our citizens need a change of Heart. Once we start collaborating and our communities become more inclusionary then we can provide jobs for all and slay the Giant of Homelessness completely.

Fran Swart 

Fran has lived in Dunkeld West for 15 years, during which time she has been actively involved in the community. She is married with four adult children. She is a seasoned Relationship Executive with a demonstrated history in the Global Business Services, BPO, staffing and youth advocacy arena. Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator have employed her since July 2018. Fran’s services to the CRA community include:

  • Street Rep since June 2015, looking after Kent, Somerset, Hume and Rothesay Streets
  • Previously on the CRA Executive Committee
  • Chairperson of the Hugh Wyndham Park Sub Committee
  • Ward 90 Committee member

Markus Borner 

Markus is a chartered accountant with 25+ years financial services experience in South Africa and internationally with a career focus on business and finance. He is now self-employed, focusing on financial advisory work and capital raising in South Africa and Africa. He is married to Paula, with twins Josh and Hannah aged 14. They are resident in Craighall Park since 2005 after returning to South Africa from London. Markus is passionate about living in a safe, sustainable and friendly neighbourhood, where neighbours look out for each other and are more than just neighbours.


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