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Did you know there has been a small, independent school situated next to Craighall Primary for over 20 years… Its name is Craiglands Remedial School.

Craiglands caters for children from Grade 1 to Grade 7 who experience problems in mainstream education due to learning difficulties. They focus on the child’s social, emotional and academic growth.  These children often respond positively to a small, secure environment, where their needs can be individually addressed.  Craiglands aims to be a home away from home where a child feels safe and part of the group.

“A happy child will prosper and learn!”

Greeting the dogs on the way to class as they leave for their daily morning walk
Valentines day
Displaying flower arrangements from art lesson
Fun group activity

Craiglands was started over 20 years ago by Sharon Johnson and Irmela Turner.  At the time the support classes at Craighall Primary School were under threat so Sharon and Irmela took it upon themselves, with the support of Craighall Primary School, to start a small remedial school.  There was such a need for remedial help that they then bought a house on Grosvenor Road, next door to Craighall Primary, to enable the school to grow. At the end of 2011, due to her husband’s ill health, Sharon Johnson was forced to retire. Irmela then took over the management of the school on her own and continues to run it with the support of the teachers, facilitators and other staff members.

Headmistress and owner Irmela Turner (right) with teacher Jess Gallows (left) – both local residents
Craiglands Education

Craiglands follows CAPS as closely as possible with focus on improving reading, comprehension, written skills and maths skills. They have private occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physio therapy available on the premises, which is very convenient for everyone. The goal is to re-introduce their pupils into mainstream education as soon as they are ready.
082 878 8903 / 011 325 4802
29 Rutland Avenue, Craighall Park
Craiglands Offer
  • One class per standard
  • 14 children per class
  • Facilitators in all lower classes
  • Extra remedial intervention for students who require this support
  • A warm and caring environment

Although a separate school, Craiglands has always had a close relationship with Craighall Primary School. Craiglands pupils wear the Craighall Primary uniform, interact with the mainstream school and may participate in all Craighall Primary extra mural activities. This means that on top of the support that Craiglands provides, they have many of the advantages of a larger school.

Break with Craighall Primary on the junior’s field
Hockey, tennis and rugby awards
Sports stars