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Domestic Watch in Craigpark

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Penny Steyn started her MAD (Making A Difference) Domestic Watch programme in Craighall Park approximately 20 years ago, it has since been run in over 20 other suburbs and even expanded to Natal. The programme aims to inform and uplift those in the domestic environment through increasing knowledge and awareness of crime prevention as well as building trust relationships with police (Domestic = HOME and relates to all in any home!). Unfortunately, the decline in support due to multiple factors has led to the suspension of the programme in our area. The programme is beneficial not only to those who attend personally, but can aid in decreasing crime in our area.

The CRA have stepped in to provide financial support to Penny so that she can get the programme back up and running again. As a result of this Penny has also been able to reduce the cost from R70 to R50 for the next six months.

Sessions are approximately an hour on the last Friday of the month starting

28th of May


Wesleyan Church

4 Norfolk Ave, Craighall Park

All attendees need to complete the registration form – Craigpark Domestic Watch Invite 2021 – which includes the schedule for the rest of the year. If possible, please email the registration form to otherwise bring it along on the day with the R50 attendance fee.

The MAD programme consists of 70 written lessons, discussions and the sharing of personal experiences as well as interaction with local police. For further details you can see a brief description of the sessions here otherwise contact Penny at 082 461 6968 or email

Those who have attended in the past have found the sessions extremely worthwhile and enjoyable. The resident who put us back in touch with Penny said

“overall I feel X benefitted from attending the classes; and our home and entire complex benefited by any awareness of and education about security concerns.”

Please support this initiative!

Thank you to all CRA members, your annual membership fees allow us to support initiatives like this and together we can achieve even more.

If you would like to become a member you can sign up on our website here or make a donation.