CRA Fire Ops SA Subscription

CRA Membership includes a free subscription to a private firefighting service which would normally cost you R420 p.a.


We seek to provide differentiated value-added services for residents with a particular focus on safety and security.

As part of this drive one of the areas of concern that was identified was fire safety – due to the current limitations of the City of Jo’burg fire services. There have been a number of house fires in and around our area in the last few years, one in Craighall the other in Craighall Park.

The CRA has therefore contracted with Fire Ops SA to provide all members (i.e. private households, complexes and businesses) with access to reliable fire services.

What does this mean?

By being a CRA member you have access to a FREE Fire Ops SA subscription as part of your CRA Membership

  • The monthly subscription fee will be paid by the CRA as part of your annual membership fees.
  • The only charges you will incur are if Fire Ops SA respond to a fire call out or for firefighting on your premises.

How to become a CRA Fire Ops SA subscriber

  1. Become a CRA member – you can sign up here if you aren’t already a member
  2. “Opt in” by completing the Google form – details will be emailed to you when becoming a member / if you are already a member and would like the details resent please email
  3. Receive details on how to load the Fire Ops SA app at the start of the following month
  4. Load the app and you are set

Advantages of being a CRA Fire Ops SA subscriber

  • Immediate fire emergency “panic button” via free app
  • Improved response times in case of fire emergency (12-15 minutes from the time call is logged)
  • Firefighters with greater competence levels than those in the public sector
  • True value and saving worth R420 p.a. as part of the CRA Fire Ops SA agreement rather than signing up directly with Fire Ops SA
  • Preferential service and rates for fire call-out / firefighting fees (decreased by as much as 30% for members)

Why Fire Ops SA?

Fire Ops SA has the resources, capabilites and proximity to provide the CRA community with firefighting services

  • Private company owned by former Midrand Fire Chief with >45 years experience
  • Offers fire emergency mobile phone app and telephone number
  • Use of ultra-high pressure (UHP) technology to reduce dependence on water / hydrants / large fire trucks
  • Fire Ops SA has 5 fire stations – the closest being in Rosebank
  • Services corporate & private clients, complexes, businesses and estates, and has partnered with security providers
  • Provides standby for events upon request, e.g. for community engagement