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2020 AGM

Motion from the Floor

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22nd October 2020 – CRA 2020 AGM Pack


Kevin Lester


Caron Askew


This motions seeks to introduce a duty of community consultation upon the Executive of Craigpark Residents’ Association (CRA) in relation to any future decisions taken in relation to its Public Spaces Security (PSS) scheme and any other similar community and/or public space security initiatives.


That the CRA adopt a resolution that any future security related initiatives (including appointment of new providers or design/implementation of community security projects) of the CRA be made subject to broad community consultation, thereby ensuring that interested and affected residents are afforded an opportunity to comment on initiatives, offer alternative solutions and comment on service providers.

The consultation should consist, at the minimum, of

  1. detailed written motivations distributed using WhatsApp, email and/or left for collection at local shops and restaurants
  2. at least one public meeting (online or in person) widely advertised


The CRA Executive Committee has accepted what both we and Kevin feel is an uncontested motion as we agree it will benefit our community to engage in community consultation. We will work with Kevin after the AGM to finalise the details of the resolution.


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