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Newsletter Feb 2021

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“Doing better together for Craigpark”


The letter from the new Chairperson, Markus, that went out last week, was designed to give the objectives we have put out for the CRA. As a reminder, below is a diagram showing what we believe the CRA should be about. R stands for Residents, its all of us!

THANK YOU for all the responses, constructive engagement, suggestions and offers of assistance, received to date. Please keep those coming.

You can find the letter on our website here.

We have structured this report back under the focus areas in the diagram, let us know if it works for you.


As Markus mentioned in his letter the CRA is

As we are involved in a variety of activities there is a place and need for people with a wide range of interests &/ expertise who would be willing get involved in some way. Residents are already assisting in Town Planning and with Business-related input. Community affairs and Environment is where the current needs are.

Here are some things currently happening.

Paulette Malcolm, also a committee member, currently provides vulnerable members of our community with something as simple, yet utterly vital, as human contact by sending a quick WhatsApp or making a phone call to check in. It seems like such a small thing but can be so important and often helps those who feel isolated from society feel valued. If anyone would like to aid Paulette or find out more, please WhatsApp her on 082 452 9322.

Membership fees are vital to the association. Updating and paying your membership is as simple as logging onto our website and following through the step-by-step process.  If you aren’t already a member, we would love you to become a member, we hope you feel the same way.

Remember it is a rolling annual membership from the date of payment. With an automated renewal service. If you pay on 1 March 2021, your membership is valid until 28 February 2022, and you will receive a renewal notice via email around the end of January 2022.

Membership fees have been kept constant for a number of years, and that is not changing. R800 for a free-standing residential property occupant, reducing to R400 for those over 60. Our business membership fee is R1 200.

Here’s the link – website subscription.

To find out if you are a member or for any queries or assistance please contact Robyn at

As a reminder, CAP PSS and CRA membership are separate. If you are a PSS subscriber, thank you for supporting the Public Space Security Scheme, to help make our suburbs safer. Please subscribe for CRA membership separately.

A big thank you to all those who have paid their membership fees and/or assisted us in other ways.


Uncontrolled urban densification is a problem, and while the City Council has passed new legislation and continues to consult with its residents, primarily through its councillors and through various online sessions, there are, and will probably always be, challenges ahead.

In order to be able to help mitigate the effects of urban densification we need Craigpark residents to be alert to the ‘white notices’ that go up on property walls and gates, indicating that developers are applying to have the property rezoned.

Please be vigilant, if you see any of these notices displayed anywhere in the area, send the information on the notice to the CRA’s Town Planning (TP) team at For more information on Town Planning follow this link.



Wesleyan Church Market

1st Saturday morning of the month – commencing the 6th of March

4 Norfolk Ave, Craighall Park


Come along, browse what’s on offer and enjoy the teagarden.

If anyone would like to sell their homemade jams, breads, cakes, whatever it may be, come set up at one of the tables, and ensure you follow all the usual Covid-19 protocols.


Whether you reside, own property or run a business in our area, YOU are an important part of our community.

Working together we can build a safe, successful and supportive community.

Ultimately you, the members of our community, are the CRA.


If you have any questions or would like more information please email us at or WhatsApp 0647437375.

To help support and build our local community by becoming a CRA Member please click here.

If you would like more information on membership go to


For more information or to join the CRA / CAP Public Spaces Security (PSS) Initiative &/ to become an Armed Response client please email

Please note that the CRA/CAP PSS initiative is voluntary and does not equate to CRA membership. CRA subs are annual whereas PSS is a monthly debit order.

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