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Public Space Security Sceme

By 25 Aug 2020No Comments

Dear CRA resident,

The CRA Executive committee would like to advise you that the notice of the intended termination of the Public Space Security (PSS) Scheme managed by CAP has been withdrawn, and CAP will thus continue as the sole PSS provider for the CRA area.

The decision to terminate this scheme had been taken as the committee felt that to involve all security providers operating in the suburbs in PSS would benefit the residents. However, after sending the notice terminating the agreement between the CRA and the security provider the Executive Committee were informed that this notice of termination was deemed void and of no effect as it was not accompanied by the settlement amount payable in terms of the agreement.

The Committee did not wish to incur legal costs in a dispute which would use residents’ funds, as this would be to the detriment of projects for the benefit, maintenance and beautification of the suburbs. As a result, it was decided to withdraw the termination notice and continue with the PSS Scheme managed by CAP.

The Executive Committee has every confidence in CAP as a security provider and continues to endorse it as such. Moving forward we will be working with CAP to outline a plan of action for the PSS scheme which will be to the benefit of the suburbs and the CRA community.

Yours truly,

Elspeth Kempe