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Support for the Parkview SAPS

By 13 Aug 2020Sep 21st, 2020No Comments

Feedback 18th September 2020

THANK YOU to all those who donated and to the Local Choice Colony Pharmacy and WeCare Lancaster Pharmacy for providing the products at a discount. The vitamins donated have been handed over to the Parkview CPF and will be given to Parkview SAPS.


The CRA is currently running an initiative in conjunction with The Local Choice Colony Pharmacy and WeCare Lancaster Pharmacy to support the Parkview CPF SAPS COVID-19 RELIEF DRIVE, which has been set up to aid the staff members of the Parkview SAPS and their family members. The Parkview CPF are collecting donations in order to put together packs of immune-boosting vitamins and minerals as well as additional supplies of PPE such as masks and sanitiser for the 120 staff members, some of whom have already tested positive for Covid-19.

The vitamins required are

Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin B

You can purchase these for donation at REDUCED RATES from The Local Choice Colony Pharmacy and WeCare Lancaster Pharmacy. Both pharmacies will have a collection point where you can drop off any donations of the above vitamins as well as masks and sanitiser.

If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, please deposit into this account

Parkview Community Police Forum
First National Bank
Branch: Craighall
Acc No.: 62082896899
Ref: Name + COVID-19

Should you want a Section 18A certificate for tax deduction purposes, kindly request one by emailing
The funds raised will be used exclusively to assist Parkview SAPS members and their families with COVID-19 related expenses and will be administered by the Parkview CPF.

Any assistance to help improve the wellbeing of those in the frontline whose work is to aid us, and are continuing to do so throughout these extraordinary times, is greatly appreciated.

Thank you from the CRA!